Meet the Team

  • Meghan

    Meghan joined the Annapolis vet team in July of 2020. She took a short break from animals and switch to human medicine but quickly realized it wasn't for her. She has been in the animal field for 9 years now and can not imagine doing anything else. She devotes her heart and soul to helping animals. One of her favorite things to do is draw blood and boy is she good at it. When not at work Meghan likes to spend her free time with her son Jameson and 2 dogs Jango & Gooey.

  • Sydney

    Sydney joined the Annapolis vet team in October of 2022. She has been in many different industries, but quickly realized that she was passionate about working with animals, dogs in particular! Her goal is to eventually become a dog trainer, either working with service animals or in a prison dog training program where inmates train the dogs and gain work experience and skills that will help them once they're released. Outside of work Sydney tries to spends as much time as possible outdoors hiking. She also loves hanging out with and training her two dogs, Scooby, a 4-year-old mutt, and Mara, a 2-year-old Pitbull. 

  • Nick

    Nick joined the Annapolis vet team in November of 2022. He first got into veterinary medicine about three years ago and knows it is exactly where he belongs. It brings him so much joy knowing that he gets to go to work every day and enjoy what he does. That is to say, caring for all of your fur-babies is not just his job, it is his passion. Nick takes this seriously and tries his best to do it well because he feels this is what your pets deserve, and what you as a client deserve! Nick has been vegan since 2017 and is proud to stand as a voice for the animals. He is very mechanically minded, he can teach himself to do just about anything, and he loves music. He even has his own music production project in the works which he is also very passionate about. Nick looks forward to seeing you and your pets at the clinic!

  • Tanjii

    Tanjii joined the Annapolis vet team in September of 2022. Through years of caring for her own pets, she developed a strong bond with animals. She quickly realized her passion is giving a voice to the voiceless. Tanjii has worked in the veterinary field since 2006. Her favorite part of her job includes helping senior pets and working with families to see that their pets stay healthy. 

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