Digestive Issues in Pets

If you're in the Annapolis area and your pet is experiencing digestive issues, our team at Annapolis Veterinary & Wellness is here to help. We can work with you to find the cause of the upset, and then suggest appropriate treatments so your pet feels better fast. There's no reason your four-legged family member has to be uncomfortable when a trip to the vet could have them back to feeling like themselves again.

Digestive Issues in Pets

The Right Food and Treatment Matter

Pet digestive issues aren't enjoyable for your pet, and they can be frustrating for you if your pet is having accidents in the house that require cleanup. Finding out what's wrong is the first step so you can get your pet the treatment they need. You want to give them quality food, for example, because that can be easier on their stomach and keep them from feeling nauseated or experiencing diarrhea or other kinds of digestive upset.

Is Your Pet Vomiting?

When your pet is vomiting, it's important that they see a veterinarian. Occasional sickness is normal, just like it is for humans, but frequent stomach upset and vomiting issues could indicate that there's something more serious going on. Cats may vomit if they have a hairball, but they may also be throwing up due to other health problems. Dogs can also vomit from simple issues like eating too fast, but more serious problems can also cause this symptom.

Is Diarrhea a Problem for Your Pet?

Diarrhea can be a problem for cats, dogs, and other kinds of pets, and working with your veterinarian is the right choice to solve the issue. You may need to change the kind of food you're giving your pet, or they may need medication to help them feel more like themselves again. No matter what the issue is, diarrhea can cause serious dehydration and become dangerous quickly. You want to get the problem solved before it causes your pet lasting harm.

An Animal Doctor Can Help

Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? Get in touch with us today at Annapolis Veterinary & Wellness if you're in the Annapolis area and looking for a vet to help your pet feel better again. The right animal doctor can make all the difference when your pet is experiencing digestive problems. From eating something they shouldn't to having a serious medical condition, there are many reasons your pet's stomach and intestines could be upset. We can find the issue and get them the treatment they need.

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