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About Us and Our Veterinarian Services in Annapolis, MD

At Annapolis Veterinary & Wellness in Annapolis, MD, we are here to help make sure your pet gets the pet care he needs. Visit us to help your pet live a healthy life. 

What We Do

At our veterinary practice, our goal is focused on providing preventative care, specialized treatment, and medication so your pet can stay healthy. 

Services we provide include:

  • Annual wellness exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Blood work
  • Pet dentistry
  • Laser therapy
  • Nutritional advice
  • Surgery

Annual Wellness Exams

No matter the type. size, or the age of your pet, an annual wellness exam by our veterinarian is an opportunity to get a good read on the health of your pet. This allows our vet to determine if there are any health issues, diagnose the problem, and put a treatment plan into place. 


Whether your pet stays indoors or outdoors, or has access to both, vaccinations can help keep your pet free from many diseases. We provide core vaccinations to work against parvovirus, rabies, distemper, and more. Non-core vaccines may also be necessary based on their individual requirements. 


Accurate and timely bloodwork allow us to begin treatment sooner than later. This can be important in helping determine a healthcare plan of action.

Pet Dentistry

Pets can get a toothache or develop gum disease, just like humans. Our veterinarian can provide a thorough dental exam. We can address gum disease and extract a tooth or teeth, as necessary.

Laser Therapy

As an option for pets who have sustained a injury or that have undergone surgery, our facility offers laser therapy. This option may help the healing process and relieve pain.

Nutritional Advice

Obesity is a known issue for pets. Food allergies are also problematic for some animals. Our veterinary team will evaluate your pet's overall health, weight, and nutritional requirements and make recommendations based on those areas on the type of food you should provide. 


When a surgical procedure is necessary, our practice is up-to-date with the necessary equipment and technology to support a positive surgical experience. 

Get Pet Care from Our Veterinarian in Annapolis, MD, on Our Veterinary Team

Whenever you are looking for pet care, scheduling an appointment with us at Annapolis Veterinary & Wellness at our Annapolis, MD, facility can be the first step in supporting your pet's healthcare. We offer a variety of services to meet individual needs. Call us at (410) 224-6624 for more information.

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