Holiday Safety for Dogs

Holidays may be fun for you, and your dog might enjoy seeing friends and family, but many aspects of human holidays are not safe for dogs, from dangerous foods to fearsome sounds and sights. No matter the holiday, if it usually has people celebrating, you've got to take care of your dog so that he doesn't get into trouble. In Annapolis, MD, our veterinarian, Dr. Hamilton, at Annapolis Veterinary & Wellness can show you how to stop your dog from running away or eating bad things, as well as how to get them to calm down.

Holiday Safety for Dogs

Food, Fireworks, and Anything He Can Chew

Holidays pose some specific threats to dogs. One is that they'll eat something, food or otherwise, that can make them sick. Another is that they could get out of the house and get lost. In terms of food, you've got to be careful about what's left out in places that the dog can reach. Chocolate, anything with xylitol, anything with onions or garlic or grapes (or any of the other foods that are harmful for dogs), all of that has to be kept out of reach. This could prove difficult if you're holding a holiday party and have food on the table because the dog might be able to swipe bits of food off plates. You can enlist the help of other people in the room to guard the food and the dog.

Non-food items are also at risk if the dog decides to chew on them. He could accidentally swallow a toy, some tinsel, or something else. Ask our veterinarian about dog-friendly Christmas tree decorations, for example.

Holidays with loud noises, like the 4th of July, can send dogs running for their lives. Make sure your dog is microchipped and that the chip has current contact information for you.

Get Routine Pet Exams

There are some pet health conditions that you might notice until it is too late. To help unsure you do not have an unfortunate or tragic surprise on your holiday, bring your dog in for routine pet wellness exams so that you can help maintain his health and stay ahead of any problems that may arise.

A Veterinarian in Annapolis, MD, Can Help the Dog Stay Safe

We at Annapolis Veterinary & Wellness in Annapolis, MD, are here to help if you want to speak to our veterinarian about holiday safety for dogs and cats. Make an appointment with us today at (410) 224-6624 so you can start the year off well for you and your dog.

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